Friday, April 24, 2009

Not the post I promised,

but maybe a fun one nonetheless?

Soon I'll start posting "Bump Watch 2009" pictures (because there actually is a slightly visible bump now), but I'm not quite ready just yet. And let's pretend I never said in my last post that I was going to post pictures of anything else because I can't seem to locate those pictures. So instead I'm going to show you some of the fun BABY PURCHASES we've made in the last week. Woot!

First and foremost, we bought a lovely set of nursery furniture from Craigslist. Days before that creepy story about the Craigslist Killer came out. Comforting. The sellers of this furniture purchased it, assembled it, and then decided that they wanted something in a different color. So it's essentially new, as no baby has had contact with it yet. And here it is, along with Justin, who has chosen to represent himself as an orange blur:

Next up, some of the fabric that will eventually be our crib bedding, again with an appearance by Justin the Blur:

I'm still missing a couple of fabrics. I ambitiously decided that I know enough nice people who know how to sew that I can make my own crib bedding. Very Martha Stewart, right? Except, like, a Martha with very little actual skill.

And finally, tonight I purchased these (a cute farm book, an animal noise toy, and two Baby Einstein DVD's):

and these (even tougher to see, but that would be two pairs of maternity pants, two maternity shirts, and one maternity dress):

and this (to which Justin the Blur has already given his stamp of approval):

for a whopping $32 at our church's MOPS Bargain Garden. Again I say, Woot!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


1. I wiped the rear end of a little girl I don't know. I walked into the bathroom at the gym, and she was sitting on the toilet with the stall door wide open. As I walked into my stall, I heard her little voice say, "Hey, excuse me! I need someone to wipe my bottom." After some questioning, I discovered that there was no mom/babysitter/nice kidnapper around to handle this duty (apparently mom dropped her off with the gym's childcare people, which I don't think you're supposed to do... but to be honest, I didn't even know the gym had child care). So I got to do the honors. And then pull up her pants, hold her up to wash her hands, and track down paper towels to dry them.

2. is the last day of my first trimester! I know, right? I really can't complain about the first trimester, given what I hear from other pregnant ladies, but I'm still glad to put it behind me. The past week has been an especially good pregnancy week for me, so I feel like I've already reached some sort of milestone. Here's what I'm loving about this new phase:

*the ability to think about AND EVEN EAT chicken without gagging
*having enough energy to stay up until bedtime (most days)
*the end of my beautiful, hormone-induced pizza face
*the ability to withstand hunger for more than 30 seconds without feeling like I'm going to die

The most awkward part of this phase is that I'm not actually showing yet, but I'm definitely bigger in the belly than I used to be -- so I look like I just finished a really big meal. And my pants feel like I just finished a really big meal. So far, my strategy has been to wash my pants as infrequently as possible so they're nice and stretched out all the time :)

3. I am making the non-binding promise to post two picture-ful posts in the next two weeks. One will have pictures from my family's visit here, and the other will have some before/after pictures of the work my dad did on our house during his visit.