Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I really did not enjoy Spring this year.  I was sicky pregnant, Ben was just plain sicky waaaay more than normal, and it was violently windy every day.  But it is officially Summer in every way:  the heater is off (yes, Southern friends, my heater runs for most of the year), the windows are open (no, Southern friends, I do not have air conditioning), my garden is struggling to produce veggies under my negligent care, and the grill is seeing a lot more action.  I love Summer in Colorado.

And so does Ben:

What's not to love about ice cream cones on the back deck?
And helping Daddy with yard work? (I'm willing to wager good money that his interest in lawnmowers disappears around the time he's old enough to use a real one.)
And falling asleep in the hiking backpack?
And $2 Mini Golf?

And running through the sprinkler in your diaper?

My little water baby especially loved that last activity.  He took a break at one point and requested that I take his picture.  However, he was too excited to be a good photo subject.  He would say "cheese!" for about 0.5 seconds, run away around the time the camera clicked, look at the picture I took, and declare that he wanted a "gooder one."  We made several attempts...

... before we ended up with one that I think is pretty gooder:

Happy Summer to you all!