Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Older Son, Newer Tricks

Daniel commented recently that when Ben goes to school, all his teachers will know that his mom used to be an English teacher.  I have no idea why he would say that:

He is really proud of how well he can hold up two fingers.  I honestly think he practices when he's by himself.

I know I owe the whole world pictures of baby Isaac.  Unfortunately, our camera's flash exploded or something, so I can only take decent pictures when there is plenty of light and my subjects are completely still.  That happens exactly never.  This is the most recent non-blurry picture we have of the little guy:

See how he's swaddled, indicating that he should be going to sleep, but instead he's making weird faces?  That pretty much sums up my life right now.  Except that he's smiling more and more.  Oh man, I love baby smiles.

And I'm posting one last picture just because I find it amusing.  We took the boys to the Denver Firefighters Museum on Monday.  Ben loved it and learned the important message seen here:
He now likes to pretend that various items in our house are on fire, and then he makes them stop, drop, and roll.  Hooray for fire safety and funny little boys!