Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stolen Photos

Daniel's brother and his family have been hanging out at our house for a few days on their way to their real vacation, and there has just been way too much cuteness not to share.  Five incredibly cute children in one place.  Prepare yourself.  My photo-happy sister-in-law let me steal the pictures off her SD card, so I'm going the extra mile and posting them online before she can.  Thanks for sharing, Steph!  And you're welcome for sharing, grandparents ;)  As always, you can click on any of the pictures to see a bigger version.

We dressed them alike for church and tried desperately to get a good picture of all of them.

L-R: Samuel, Asher, Ben, Katherine, Elizabeth
Clark with Ben and Asher
 We took them to my favorite playground and splashed in a fountain.
Katherine, age 5
Fountain at America the Beautiful Park
You know this cutie by now :)

We ate delicious grilled pizza and delicious ice cream cones.  And stole some delicious nuzzles and hugs.
Elizabeth, age 5, with her pizza creation
Asher, age 2
Daniel and Elizabeth, BFF's
Me with my favorite Ben Boy

We spent lots of time in the backyard since the inside of the house was 85 degrees.

We spent this morning having fun and getting all smelly at the zoo.

AND we even snuck out for a grown-up double date one night.
Dinner at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post - definitely recommend it!
Mini hike at Garden of the Gods
Thanks for a fun few days, other Wigintons!


mel mathews said...

thanks for sharing! You know how I always tell you how cute Ben is, but let me tell you that picture of Asher was a keeper! The trading post is fun, did you use a coupon?

Dawne C. said...

The Arkansas grandparents say "Thank you, thank you!" Looks SO fun. That's a LOT o' Wigintons!

jaywalker said...

this is funny. we just drove our camper through the garden of the gods last thursday or something like that.