Thursday, July 7, 2011

28 weeks down. Way too long to go.

Remember that last post, when I went on and on about how much I love summer?  I changed my mind last week when the temperature inside my house started reaching the mid-80's.  I now rely on the basement, the water-hose, and air-conditioned public places to stay alive.  

This is not my first summer to be pregnant.  In fact, my due date now is three days off from my due date with Ben, so this is basically the exact same pregnancy timeline I had before.  However, I do not remember feeling so incredibly hot last time.  Is this just me?  Or the fact that I have a toddler to chase?  Or is it legitimately hotter this summer?  Somebody help me out here.

Before I move on to the happy stuff, I'm going to add the following pregnancy complaints:  My wedding rings are officially off (after one scary night when I feared they would require surgical removal).  Certain things hurt more with the second pregnancy (you're welcome for sparing the details).  My daily heartburn onset has been moving earlier and earlier in the day.  Okay, I'll stop.  Because it's much more important to tell you this:


The gestating child formerly known as Baby Moses will henceforth be called ISAAC MILLER WIGINTON.  Isaac fit our criteria of being an Old Testament name that we liked, that isn't already in use by little boys close to us, and that doesn't have any really unfortunate associations in the Bible (though the whole laying-him-on-the-altar story is going to be much tougher for me to read from now on).  And Miller is my mom's maiden name, so it is a tribute to her side of the family.  I especially associate the name with my Grandpa Miller, who passed away when I was in 3rd grade but was pretty much everything you want your sons to grow up to be.  I so wish my children could know him this side of Heaven.

He looks like an Isaac, don't you think?  Today was our 3D ultrasound, so we were able to get a sneak peek at the little guy.  I think he looks a LOT like Ben, but maybe all babies look the same in ultrasound form?  What do I know?  Ben came with us, and he immediately pronounced Baby Isaac to be "cute."  The ultrasound tech gave him his very own picture to keep (he calls it his "Baby Isaac card").  He insisted on taking said picture into the grocery store with us, and within minutes he had applied a banana sticker to Isaac's face :)

I know this post is supposed to be about my other baby, but come on.  How cute is that child?

Everything looked good at today's check-up.  Assuming Baby Isaac has more patience than his brother and stays put until his due date, he will be delivered via C-section on September 22.  That gives me exactly 11 more weeks of Summertime pregnancy to go.  I can do this!!

And because my friend Angela will cease to be my friend if I don't post a belly picture, here you go:


Melanie said...

Micah YOUR so cute, I can't stand it!

Angela (said friend) said...

YES!!! I love everything about this post!

Erika said...

so cute!! I love the name. And the banana sticker on the picture. Classic. (Semi-related story: One time I was at school and it was like halfway through the day and I noticed one of my students had a size sticker on their shirt-- you know, SMALL SMALL SMALL SMALL in that long strip? So I helpfully pulled it off and was met with immediate and burning fury that I had stolen their "sticker"! My bad! I gave it back...)

barclay said...

hooray, naming angst is over! do you think Isaac could perhaps take up professional milling later in life?