Friday, May 28, 2010

Learn from my mistakes: a PSA in two parts

1. Do not make the family-sized box of brownies when your husband is going to be spending more time at work than normal.  Unless you want to be the size of an entire family.

2. Neosporin and Baby Orajel have very similar containers and should not be stored near each other.  (Don't worry -- this was just a close call for us.)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hooray for nice weather!

When we first moved to Colorado Springs, I expected the winters to be brutal, but the two winters we have spent here were great.  Just what winter should be -- lots of pretty snow that melts before it interferes with your plans.  Spring, though, has been a different story.  Despite the fact that Spring is in its name, Colorado Springs really doesn't seem to understand this most important of seasons.  We just have Winter, more Winter, then Summer(ish).

Now that it's almost June, we are getting some glimmers of warm weather around here.  I don't want to jinx it and claim that Winter is over, but I've been wearing short sleeves outside for several days.  Yesterday, we even turned off our heater.  Can you believe it?!  It's been fun to introduce Ben to the wonderful world of fresh air:

Our first Mother's Day together was pretty, pretty, pretty.  It snowed the Sunday before this, but on Mother's Day we could take a family walk (in short sleeves!) and snap a few pictures in the yard. 

The next Sunday?  Another walk!

This week?  More walking!  And a few trips to the neighborhood park!  We've tried to put Ben in the baby swings before, but (am I harping on this point too much?) it was always too cold for his tastes.  It's been fun to see him enjoying the swings lately!

Yesterday morning, we drove to Palmer Park and took a quick family hike...

and wore Ben out :)

Then Ben and I wrapped up this gorgeous weekend by sitting outside tonight and sharing a popsicle.  It was delicious and messy and perfect.  Hooray!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The story behind the name

Today, for the first time ever, I am participating in "Show Us Your Life" over at Kelly's Korner. If any of my regular readers aren't already following Kelly's blog, you should be. She is addictively cute and the mother of an equally cute miracle baby. This week she has asked her bajillions of readers to share their baby names and the stories behind them, and I am complying.

This is Benjamin Eager Wiginton.

Since the hubby and I both have Old Testament names (Daniel and Micah, for those of you who don't know us), we always thought it would be fun to give our kids good ol' OT names. Daniel lobbied forever for Abraham, and while I think Abraham is a really great name, I vetoed it for us. Our last name is Wiginton. Abraham Wiginton? That is a pretty heavy-duty name for any kid -- but especially for a kid who already has the disadvantage of inheriting all of Daniel's and my weirdness. So I insisted on a more "normal-sounding" Old Testament name.

We settled on Benjamin. We actually settled on Benjamin long before our Benjamin existed. In fact, we had to beg my sister-in-law NOT to use that name for our nephew (who was born nine months before Ben). Yes, we fought for the name of our not-even-conceived child. Lame, I know, but the options for acceptable OT names are slim.

Ben's middle name took longer to nail down... sort of. We liked the idea of using a family name that was significant to us, and not long after learning I was pregnant, we picked Eager as our boy middle name. Daniel's paternal grandmother's maiden name was Eager. She had bunches of siblings (Daniel's great-aunts and uncles), most of whom were born and raised on a farm that Daniel's brother now owns. That farm and those Eagers were important to Daniel, and there are no relatives left with the Eager last name. Giving our baby the name Eager felt like the perfect tribute to a special family.

The problem with Eager was that no one seemed to like it except us. We told a few people Ben's full name before he was born, but they usually looked at us like we were crazy. Then we would have to repeat the middle name ("Yes, Eager. Yes, like the adjective."), and they would still look at us like we were crazy. I waffled for a while (after a co-worker told me that kids would make fun of him), but I finally just started pretending that we hadn't decided on a middle name yet and assumed people would be less vocal about their opinions of Ben's name after he was actually born.

As it turns out, Eager is the perfect middle name for Ben, which makes his whole name awesomely Old Testament. He was so eager to be born that he arrived a full month early. And these days, he is eager for everything. Eager to be mobile. Eager to be fed. Very, very eager to be held and loved. Sometimes I wish we had named him Benjamin Mellow. But as exhausting as that boy can be, I am learning to be thankful that God gave him such an intense personality. I am learning to pray that my Benjamin Eager will grow up to be a man who is eager to live fully. Eager to be fed spiritually. Eager to love people and hold fast to his God.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In lieu of a substantial post to commemorate the fact that Ben is eight months old

He bathes and makes faces to indicate that he doesn't want us to take his picture in the tub for the millionth time!

He wears hats and sits on porch swings!

He reads the classics!

He's pretty great.